Part Two

Part Two of Three in this special series

So in Part One we learned how to set up a phone sex scenario, now we lay out the basic “one-two” strategy for engaging your partner’s erotic imagination.

How to Have Phone Sex — Part Two: The Basic Strategy for Hot Talk

After setting the stage, you need to start an erotic flow of conversation. The best tactic is to build imagery, starting with mild first and progressing towards a pop of sexual flavor. Then back off. Let your words sink in. Let your partner enjoy the little rush of your desire.

And then try again, with new images building on the first ones. The basic strategy is to arouse your partner’s imagination with vivid descriptions, and then — pow! Add an erotic punch, right to the dirtiest part of your partner’s mind.

For example:

I walk into the bathroom, and you’re stretched out in the bathtub with what looks like a hundred candles reflecting light from your wet skin and pink pussy lips…

Note how we start off with a setting and an image that is PG-rated, and then right at the end we dip into XXX-territory, just a touch. Now, back out again:

I kneel beside you for a closer look. You smile. Your eyes are hungry. You see my hard cock.

Did you catch that?  We describe an action, a reaction, an observation and then, wham! Sex happens.

Let’s do that again, but within one short sentence:

You lick your index finger, flick your nipple.

In and out, just like that: good phone sex is a tease, a dance, a negotiation. Even the hottest words lose their impact with repetition. Use your most explicit phrases sparingly. Think of them as “punctuation marks” while the bulk of your conversation should dwell on details like setting, clothing, feelings, beauty, etc.

Take special care when describing your setting, what you and your partner are wearing, and how everything looks:

Where are you? What time of day is it? Are you on a bed, a couch, a counter? In a car, a boat, a secret apartment somewhere? A doctor’s office? A dungeon? A porn set?

How much time you have together? Do you know each other? How? Is anyone else there?

When you envision your partner, what do you see? Tell them! Make the words sound hot:  Skimpy tight bikinis or thongs. Trench coat with nothing underneath. Cop uniform. Sweaty workout clothes. Describe color, fit, style. Express arousal, admiration, intimidation.

Remember: descriptive words engage the mind, and then sex talk feeds the fire.

As you work your partner back & forth between interest and excitement, eventually you will both be aching to release all that sexual tension. Let’s move onto words and phrasing for the final stage of the game!

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